3 comments on “50 percent of the Time…

  1. This cocktail sounds delicious. I mean, butterscotch dates, Fuck Yeah!!. But you are talking about doing a cocktail with a whiskey, and a imperial stout aged in the same whiskey barrels. I know you got your inspiration from the barrel aging of the imperial stout, but I would much prefer the cocktail advice of something which uses a regular and readily available imperial stout instead of a limited and hard to find barrel aged imperial stout. I also would never mix an imperial stout aged in rittenhouse rye barrels, it just sounds too rare and awesome.

    • The back story for this cocktail is as such; we where featuring Rittenhouse cocktails at my bar one night and that is why this particular beer was used that night. Guinness can be substituted instead of the eclipse stout. The beer is awesome, but any spirit or beer can be mixed…

  2. Luke,
    You should copywrite these great ideas. Maybe you need me as an agent. Better still your sister would be a great agent.
    Terry N.

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