6 comments on “Simple Yet Eloquent Bloody Beerys Getting the Job Done

  1. I was raised half redneck (Dad from NC) and half hillbilly (mom from WV) and Ma and Pa used to enjoy sitting around the cement pond with a “Tomato Beer”. A very de-glorified version of your Bloody Beery usually made with canned tomato juice (or V8 if we was feeling all highfalutin) mixed with Budweiser or Coors. Add some salt, pepper and hot sauce and shove a celery stick in there and you got yourself a cocktail. Boom.

  2. I like to experiment. I’ll have to try my own tomato juice. I usually mix in a variety of stuff….Olive juice…pickle juice…..Worcestershire….garlic salt…..hot sauce..pepper…salt….celery salt….you name it..I’ve probably tried it. A pub up in Andersonville (near Chicago) has a bloody mary bar…..which has it all.

    My dad used to have a poor man’s bloody, which is what TimD was talking about….never tried it…but perhaps this Sunday I will…..always Sunday Bloody Sunday

    • Sunday Bloody Sunday sounds right up my alley! Let me know what experiments work for you.

      Personally, I like mixing tequila and IPA with Bloody Mary mix (always on the spicy side). Both tequila and IPA add a bitter citrus twist to the recipe. SUPER tasty:)

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