Chris Bettini

Chris Bettini is a bartender and the Social Media Coordinator on Beer Corner USA, the home of Crescent Moon Ale House, Huber Haus German Bier Hall, Max & Joe’s Belgian Tavern, and Beertopia in Omaha, Nebraska.  Considered by many where Omaha’s quickly emerging craft beer scene got it’s humble start back in 1996, the Crescent Moon Ale House (and all of Beer Corner USA) has been selected as one of the Top 100 Beer Bars in America by DRAFT Magazine since 2008!

Joining the Beer Corner staff in early 2006, Chris has quickly became a recognizable figure at all the locations, and is an outspoken proponent of craft beer in the Midwest.  In 2009 the local news paper dubbed him the “beer god’ of Omaha.  Chris helps teach the very popular Beertopia Beer School, and is part of the Beer Corner USA’s “Beers of the Week” beer review show found on YouTube.

Chris has visited over 100 breweries around the world both big and small.  Chris’ beer journeys have taken him not only to several Midwestern breweries, but throughout Europe on yearly Beer Tours with tour groups organized by Bill Baburek, owner of Beer Corner USA.  It is Chris’ passion for beer culture that has led him to enjoy brews at 97 breweries across Europe making stops in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic.  This summer, Chris will be embarking on his 5th European beer tour as he tries to follow in the footsteps of one of his favorite “Beer Icons”, Michael Jackson.

While Chris has gained some notoriety around Omaha’s craft beer scene, he’s not afraid to admit he’s an amateur in the world of cocktails and Beer Mixology.   “I have been learning quickly how beer adds a new dimension to cocktails,” Bettini said. “Bar tending twice a week in Max & Joe’s Belgian Tavern; which boasts 15 taps and 40 bottled selections of Belgian beer, I wanted to be able to entertain the full slogan of the bar ‘Classic Tavern… Belgian Beer’ for my customers.”  The past year or so Chris began researching and learning more about classic cocktails and spirits, trying to figure out how spirits and mixers work together to create the perfect pleasing libation. Because Max & Joe’s serves not only Belgian Beer, but also top shelf liquors and classic cocktails, the venture into beer cocktails only made sense him.

After reading several articles about Beer Mixology, Chris began to try to blur the gap between classic tavern cocktails and Max & Joe’s great selection of Belgian beer.  With some inspiration from the crew at and a few recipes found in an article of BeerAdvocate magazine, three Belgian beer based cocktails were created – the “Belgian Sunset”, “Unknown End” and “Kentucky Monk”.

“While I am a novice mixologist on this site, I love continually learning more about Beer Mixology.  I only hope I can provide a little ‘Midwestern style’ and a ‘Beer Corner twist’ to the mix… and that you might find my cocktails tasty!”


You can follow Chris on twitter @CJBettini or on facebook

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